Services we offer for a trademark application

The Trademark Department provides one complete consultants in all aspects of trademark registration and to the following services:

1. Search antecedents in our own updated database; this is a type of short process and prior to the application of any registration, enabling us to have a scope, if any, of possible conflicts that may have application during the processing , to thereby make the right decision.

2. Monitoring his proceedings in front of the National Institute for Defense of Competition and Intellectual Property - INDECOPI.

3. Custody. Once granted the trademark, take upon ourselves the "custody" of the same during the period of ten (10 years), duration established by the Trade Marks Law. Custody involves permanent control of the Trademark Bulletin published by the official newspaper "El Peruano" were are published daily edicts formation of new companies, as well as on any brand that will be registered under names, logos and distinctive designs that can become confused about some of the trademarks, logos and distinctive designs of our customers, who once reported the fact may decide if legal actions are required.

4. Report well in advance of the expiration of each company, to decide about the renewal or abandonment thereof, if any.

5. Oppositions to third party trademark applications. Our study, after thorough analysis and in accordance with the experience and judicial precedents to communicate to those concerned about requests by distinctive elements that lead to a reasonable confusion, so that the client chooses to be formulated by oppositions against the signs that trademark may affect their interests.

Requirements for applying for a trademark

In Peru, the marks can apply to distinguish:
- Products (Class 1 to 34).
- Services (Class 35 to 45).

The trademark registrations are properly awarded interference throughout all the country. The basic requirements for applying for a trademark are:

a) Full name, domicile, type of identification, identity card and marital status. In case of companies or legal persons registered copy of the Testimony in the Public Record Office, in stating the powers of the company's legal representative. In the case of persons not domiciled in the country will require a power of attorney duly legalized up to the Peruvian Consulate in the country of origin.
b) Clear specification of the mark. In the case of registering a label or logo, you need 7 copies of this.
c) List of products or services to be identified by the mark to register.
d) Power given by the applicant, which must be signed and notarized, as applicable.
e) Priority claim under the Act where appropriate.

Patents of Invention

The Patent Department provides comprehensive advice on all aspects relating to registration of Patents, Utility Models and Industrial Designs.

In particular, provides the following services:

  • Introduction and complete processing of the application.
  • Reply reporting.
  • Transfers, licenses and name changes.
  • Filing of oppositions against third-party applications that may affect patents for clients.
  • Answer of third-party that is the subject of the application.
  • Processing and obtaining of the degree.
  • Preparation, derivation and processing of applications for patent invalidity and nullity sought by defense at third.
  • Patent search by title or by subject.
  • Translation of patents.

    Requirements to apply for Patents, Utility Models and Industrial Designs

    The application must contain:

    a) Name and address of the applicant.
    b) Name, nationality and address of the inventor.
    c) Title of the invention.
    d) Power given by the applicant signed and notarized.
    e) If the inventor is different from the applicant is required to transfer some documents, which must be signed and notarized.
    f) Allegation of priority where appropriate.
    g) Priority document.

    Furthermore it should be attached to the application:
    h) Summary of the invention, memory, claims and drawings where applicable.
    i) In the case of industrial designs shall provide a specification and various views of the design.
    j) Certified copy of priority.